Elementary Social and Emotional Learning Daily Activities

MindfulnessEmotionsWish WellAppreciationImaginationAwarenessAwareness & Decision MakingRelationshipsRelationshipsDecision MakingBreathe: Buzzing Bee Breath Keep a Daily “Proud Of” journal. Each day think of something you did that you are really proud of yourself for.Complete a random act of kindness for a friend or family member.Write three thank you letters/notes to friends or family members and let them know why you appreciate and love them.Make a list of things you can do to be responsible and help around the house.

Move: Mirror Movement Think about a choice you need to make, jot down what the positive and negative consequences of that choice could be. Select one positive choice and make it happen!Sit in a comfortable spot. Look down at the floor or close your eyes. Picture someone you want to send a positive thought to. Think about the positive thought. Imagine sending that thought to that person.List 5 important relationship skills (Be polite, listening, being helpful and kind). Which of these skills do you appreciate the most in others? Practice the skill you chose this week.Sit in a comfortable spot. Close your eyes. Start to think about a goal you have. Picture yourself achieving that goal. Notice how you feel.

Rest: Sleeping Crocodile Go outside or sit by the window. Lower your eye gaze for 1 minute. Focus on the different sounds that you hear. What did you hear? How did this make you feel?Find a way to let one of your teachers know how much you appreciate them. Some ideas include; sending an email, drawing a picture, reaching out through Schoology, or thanking them before or after class.What does it mean to be a good friend? Write or draw 5 things you can do to be a good friend.Think of a story that you are familiar with and choose a new ending that you like more. Tell the rest of the story using your imagination.

Seasonal Breathing: Hot Chocolate Breathing Use hands to make a cup. Smell the hot chocolate (breathe in) and cool it off (breathe out).Pause and think about how the leaves fall to the ground during this season: When there is a problem, pause & breathe, choose your response, and imagine your worries falling to the ground like a leaf.Go outside with an adult on a Fall walk. Look for the changes in the season. You could work together on a Fall scavenger hunt and search for two different colors of leaves, different types of plants, two different animals and something that smells like fall.Identify characteristics you look for in a friend. For example, someone who listens to me, makes me laugh, or is always there when I need them to help me. Consider telling a friend what you appreciate about their friendship.Play a game of, “Would you rather...” One example is would you rather be an ant or a peacock? Another example is would you rather go pumpkin picking or make a scarecrow. Share with someone why you made this choice. Is your answer the same or different from what they chose?

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