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Did you know that Immersed offers Test prep!

GED Prep

What is on the GED test?

The GED test consists of four different subtests that measure your proficiency in mathematics, science, social studies, and language. It is possible to take all these subtests together or separately at times convenient to you. Check the table below to learn more about these four subtests. Please note that the price of each test varies by state, which is why a price range is given.

Prepare for your GED exam with us at Immersed in Education. We offer in center and Zoom sessions one on one with a tuor or small group. Our sessions provide specific video lessons, study guides, flashcards, and course material that fit your learning style. Whether you have six months of six days, get a study plan to make sure you're prepared for test day. Decide which is the right fit for your timeline and goals. and then call (410)861-0441 to schedule an assessment to get started. 

Taking an Exam
Taking an Exam

SAT Prep

SAT classes are designed to help you prepare for the content and structure of the exam. We offer small group classes as well as one on one tutoring services per subject.

What is Taught in an SAT Class?

SAT-prep courses typically teach you the key math, reading and writing concepts you'll be expected to know about when you take the exam. Our classes will teach you about the structure of the SAT and provide test-taking strategies.

Types of Classes Available

 SAT Prep Course

During our comprehensive SAT course, you can expect to review all the skills and knowledge you'll need for the math, reading and writing sections. This course also covers the types of questions you'll be asked, and offer test-taking strategies to help you avoid common mistakes, manage test anxiety, and make the most of your testing time. The comprehensive SAT class will also provide you with the opportunity to take practice tests in order to help you understand the areas in which you need to concentrate your studies.

In-Person/ Online SAT Classes

In-person courses typically include at least 18 hours of instruction offered at our  location over six or more weeks. These classes usually include homework assignments that must be completed per the syllabus.

One on One lessons, are structured either to meet at designated times so you may study at your own pace.

ACT Prep

Our ACT test prep course is designed to get you ready for the ACT® test and earn the highest score possible. Accessible on any computer or mobile device, this comprehensive course consist of  lessons taught by your favorite tutor and interactive practice quizzes to help you quickly master all of the ACT® test's exam topics. 

Teacher Helping Student


Take the guesswork out of preparing for the FCAT - Florida's Comprehensive Assessment Test. Our fun and simple-tutoring sessions guide and help students get ready for the math, science, reading and writing components of the FCAT.

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