Racism and hate by any name is unacceptable

The news of the most recent killings in Atlanta has left me with a tightness in my throat and a constant pain in my belly. You and I know that hate, racism, and targeted violence – regardless of the motive – are completely unacceptable. We must stop pretending that this is a problem we cannot do anything about. We can! Let’s begin with conversations at home with our friends and loved ones.

Today as we reach out to our Asian friends, let’s do so in love. Sometimes, it seems when we want to be the most loving and compassionate, our words fail us, but do it anyway. Join me in body and heart, and assume the revolutionary posture of love. Whether sitting, standing, fighting, resisting, holding, or weeping, let us join with our friends, neighbors, and colleagues of the beloved Asian, Asian-American community and stand as one.

- Carmen C. Marshall

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