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Being Prepared on ISEE Test Day

Students from grades 2 through 12 may take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) if they are seeking admission to a private school. There are several things that parents and students should be aware of so that test-takers are ready for their exams.

Know What to Have with You

There are several things that test-takers need when they check in to take their ISEE test.

  • Verification Letter: All individuals who are registered to take the ISEE will be sent a verification letter. Test-takers must show the verification letter when they arrive at their test site.

  • Identification: Each test-taker must have an accepted form of identification to show when he or she arrives at an ISEE test center. Examples of accepted ID include birth certificates and library cards. A complete list of acceptable forms of identification is available on the ERB website ( Prometric test sites require test-takers to have original copies of their IDs. All other test sites accept photocopies of the identification.

  • Parent Identification: The parent or guardian of a student taking the ISEE test at a Prometric test site must show government-issued identification, such as a driver's license or passport.

  • Pencils, Pens and Erasers: Individuals who are taking the paper version of the ISEE test are permitted to bring four #2 pencils that are sharpened, two ballpoint pens that write with black or blue ink and four erasers.

Know When to Be There

The verification letter that registered ISEE test-takers are sent contains pertinent information, including their test site address and the time their test begins. It also states what time test-takers should arrive. It is important for test-takers to be on time so they will be admitted to their exam.

Know How to Take the Test

There are some specific things that test-takers should bear in mind while they are completing their exam.

Guess Answers: Individuals will not have points deducted if they get a question wrong. It is better to guess and have a chance of earning points than to leave a question blank.

Follow Directions: Listen carefully and follow all the test-taking directions given. This can help test-takers avoid making simple mistakes that could negatively affect their test scores.

Manage Test Time: Students should make sure they give themselves enough time to answer all questions on the test. If they find that a section is hard or that a question is taking a lot of time, they should go ahead and work on other questions and come back to the tough one at the end of the testing period.

ISEE Test Dates

The ERB site has a page devoted to ISEE test dates. Individuals who are searching for a test date can insert the following information on the app:

  • A student's grade level

  • Whether a student needs accommodations

  • Test country

  • Test state

  • Testing period

Once this information is provided, the app will list all possible test dates that fit in the location and time frame provided.

ISEE Test Prep (410) 861-0441

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